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Supporting South Africa's Wine Industry Through Innovation

Vinousbosch Technologies holds the rights to offer our local wine producers the benefits of making use of a set of patented processes, techniques and products which have proven to be the most successful on the market in the RTD (Ready To Drink) segment, and to date is most widely used world-over in other major wine regions around the globe. Up until now, South Africa was the only major wine region to not yet have invested in this technology and products.


It took more than 20 years of research and development and several prototypes tested in real-life situations to develop a complete process for bottling wine using elegant P.E.T. single-serve glasses, while ensuring all the original organoleptic qualities of the product are retained, both in terms of taste and aroma.


As history goes, this is the multi-million dollar product that got away from Shark Tank.

Our current product range consists of the following single-serve P.E.T. products:


Ergonomic, sturdy and 100% recyclable.


Options with or without snap-on stem, great for events and 100% recyclable.


Convenience for on the go servings, perfect for mix-and-match, and 100% recyclable

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