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Being sustainable doesn't just mean being eco-friendly. Our packaging solutions in today’s world are a perfect example of triple bottom line sustainability, offering a positive impact socially, economically, and especially environmentally as our planet faces a climate crisis of epic proportions due to rising carbon emissions.


Through or product offerings, we’re improving the eco-friendliness, retailing, logistics, convenience and cost-effectiveness in support of local producers all while retaining the look, feel and appeal to the consumer. This enables all involved to be kinder on the planet, to have happier consumers and overall a more prosperous industry.

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At Vinousbosch Technologies, we're driven towards contributing to a better future for our planet, industry and consumers. The world of wine is more affected than most by rising global temperatures, so in order to help safeguard this industry for future generations, we need to introduce innovative, low carbon solutions to both producers and consumers where they can make the most impact.


In wine, packaging is possibly the largest problem; glass bottles are the single largest contributor to the wine industry’s large carbon footprint.

With all of our P.E.T. products being more carbon-conscious  in the production process as well as being 100% recyclable, we're consciously contributing toward a greener industry.

Economic Responsibility

Using our single-serve glasses lowers costs in warehouse handling and storage.  Our P.E.T. products also require significantly less energy to produce and therefore at scale, are considerably more cost effective to produce than glass.

Mitigating against climate change, which is damaging vines and terroirs across the globe, helps to safeguard the prosperity of an industry where producers rely on specific geographic areas for their livelihoods.

Additional product offerings enables greater market accessibility for producers, contributing to the wealth of the industry. For the consumer of the 21st century, it means better options and better, more responsible drinking choices, without the producer losing out.


P.E.T. is a stable, inert material that does not react with food or beverages, and therefore has no impact on taste. In addition to being BPA-free, P.E.T. is the most widely recycled plastic on the planet and all of our products are 100% recyclable, therefore assisting in mitigating waste to landfills. Both production and transportation of P.E.T. products versus glass and tin cans are also substantially kinder on the planet in regards to carbon emissions.


We believe that for packaging to truly make a scalable, positive environmental impact, it can’t compromise on consumer appeal and commercial viability. That’s why our single-serve glasses offer ultimate convenience,  and affordability – the perfect appeal to the producer to have an alternative product solution to introduce into their range of offerings to the end consumer.


It would make a massive difference to wine’s impact on the earth’s atmosphere if glass bottles were not dispensed for everyday, mass-market wine consumption which contributes by far the greatest volume of wine sold. Making use of our P.E.T. products bring both fellow producers and consumers greener peace of mind.

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