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Vinousbosch Technologies provides preview of new products for PETiSERV Africa.

Introducing producers and consumers to new ways of enjoying perfectly preserved refreshments, with convenience at the forefront of greener packaging solutions.

The last few years have been a game changer for the drinks industry, with structural transformations in logistics, packaging, product design and consumer behaviour.

The key takeaway is that alcoholic beverages have proved to be one of the most crisis-proof consumer goods categories. Its resilience was built upon the suppliers’ adaptability and capacity to pivot in the face of structural challenges, ever-changing restrictions, and severe supply-chain disruptions.

Most strategies followed trends that were already gaining traction pre-Covid (such as wine in a can) and were merely accelerated by the economic and social impact of the pandemic, namely:

  • New or enhanced at-home experiences, with wine consumption moving beyond and between meals

  • Focus on sustainability, with shift towards localism

  • No- and low-alcohol beverages gathering momentum within a broader trend towards moderation

  • Off-premise (take away) and e-commerce significantly increase their performance while the on-trade continues to be affected by restrictions and changes to consumer behaviours

  • Premiumisation, with consumers buying at higher price across categories

  • RTDs (ready to drink beverages) gaining both market share, especially hard-seltzers, and premiumising the category’s offering

A global view of alcohol consumption shows significant decline in 2020, with a 6.2% decrease in volume from 2019. But the long-term outlook is positive, with projected full recovery by 2023, boosted by the strong volume growth of RTDs in selected core markets.

With Vinousbosch Technologies holding the rights to offer our local wine producers the benefits of making use of a set of patented products, we're able to offer our producers products which have proven to be the most successful on the market in the RTD segment for wine, and to date is most widely used world-over in other major wine regions around the globe. Up until now, South Africa was the only major wine region to not yet have invested in this technology and products. It took more than 20 years of research and development and several prototypes tested in real-life situations to develop a complete process for bottling wine using elegant P.E.T. single-serve glasses, while ensuring all the original organoleptic qualities of the product are retained, both in terms of taste and aroma. But it has been achieved, and it is here and finally available to local producers!

See more details on the product offerings here, and should be interested in incorporating some of the products into your range of offerings, then please complete our Stockist Inquiry Form here.


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